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At 12, Hawthorne released her first music single, "My Lullaby" which she both wrote and produced. In 2022, she released her second single "Hearts & Roses" and is currently working on releasing new music. Hawthorne plays piano, guitar, occasionally the spoons, and explores the vast spectrum of human emotion through music. With a sonic palette of infinite colors, she journeys through the varied sunlit landscapes and the dark depths of the human condition, with a sincere smile on her face and a game controller in her back pocket.

Hawthorne is also a digital artist and has created the cover art for all of her released music to date. You can find many of her artworks on social media. 

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2022 ABF Trailblazer Grant Recipient

Canvas Rebel Interview

Ghosties Review

Maybe Time Review

"Not even in high school and miles ahead of many twice her age, it’s time to take notice of this rising singer-songwriter." 

- Kendra Beltran freelance writer and author @ZO Magazine

"Reimported J-pop mixed with Olivia Rodrigo that is SCARILY accomplished for an artist who's only 13 years old."

- Thomas Burns Scully @Inbox Records​

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